Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Results for March and YTD

Another poor month to add to 2009's dismal start. Will post my feelings above about each service.

Results for March 2009

  • Tipping Legends Golf .Profit of £96.88
  • Probandit................. Loss of £51.72
  • Tipping Legends Horse Loss of £284.73
Total Loss for March 2009 £239.57

YTD as at March 2009
  • Tipping Legends Golf.......... Profit of £1686.41
  • Probandit........................... Loss of £153.54
  • Tipping Legends Horse......... Loss of £1004.35
  • Allroundtipster (left service) Loss of £1649.18
Total Loss YTD as at March 2009 £1120.66


  1. Feel that the comments your making are over the top and you obviously did not join the legends service from when they have started out.

    Stats over the year for the services speak for themselves, all of us have losing runs and this is why a betting bank is required so that it can managed when the times ate hard as well as the good times.

    I am also going through the same patterns as yourself but the question you have got to ask yourself is can you do any better yourself before you start questioning the ability of the tipsters.
    It has been a hard 3 months all round for most services and punters, but remember there we are only into April and it is far too early to start ranting about the legends service who are two of the most professional and honest tipsters I have come across and as I stated stats speak for themselves just remeber to look at how many points they have achieved since the business started, oh sorry forgot you have not done your homework!!!


  2. I do apologise for having caused any offense, though I am not quite sure which particular comment or sentance has caused your outburst. All I am doing with this blog is simply putting the thoughts in my head down on paper so to speak.