Sunday, 1 March 2009

Calming down

After my rage from yesterday(I mustn't forget that no one forces me to place the bets) I am in the process of calming down. Its a new month..time to move on and forget the horrible month of February. Hopefully this month we can start building the bank again from the ashes and cinders left from following the services last month. Nothing has changed in my views on Allroundtipster though. I still feel they over risked on the final day of a poor month to try and caress the figures. If it is all about long term investment what difference does it make if one month is bad? Why risk a huge proportion of the bank to fix one month? Anyhow that's my final word on it.

Today was a quiet start to the month with only one bet running and also the midweek golf bets coming to conclusion. Not a great start to the month either. Thanks to Mob Racing for offering his service as a replacement to Allroundtipster. I have to decline at the moment despite his results looking very promising. I really need a non horse tipping diversify the portfolio and also due to the staking limits I already have at the bookmakers with regards to horse betting.Today's results are below and I'll post monthly figures and year to date in the next post.

Results from today

  • Tipping Legends........ Loss of £50.00
  • Tipping Legends Golf Loss of £150.00

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