Saturday, 31 October 2009

October and YTD P&L

Results from October 2009

  • Legends...........Profit of £5331.05 (106 pts)
  • Equine.............Profit of £966.88
  • Probandit.........Profit of £285.18
  • Form Analyst.....Loss of £395.20
Profit for October 2009 £6187.91

YTD as at 31 October 2009

  • Equine.............Profit of £10424.20
  • Legends...........Profit of £4945.49
  • Probandit.........Profit of £4474.63
  • Legends Golf.....Profit of £842.66
  • Noseahead........Loss of £398.35
  • Form Analyst.....Loss of £666.93
  • Mob.................Loss of £731.12
  • Allroundtipster..Loss of £1649.18
Total Profit YTD at 31 October 2009 £17241.40

End of month gamble

After such a good month for the Tipping Legends I had an undisciplined end of month gamble. Decided to cover 3 of their highest odds bets today. Shouldhavehadthat (12/1) lost, Sphinx (11/1 to 9/1) won and finally Lord Henry (11/2) placed. Looks like luck was with me as the other tips didn't score. Wouldn't recommend a breach in discipline though to anyone following the tipsters as today I could have easily picked the wrong bets to back and might have ended up with a bad loss on the day.

Results from Today

  • Legends...........Profit of £491.45

Friday, 30 October 2009

Thursday & Friday update

Hasn't been the greatest week following the tipsters..however with my luck (skill?) from trading I have mopped up the betting losses and made a profit. Still tired from last night so just updating the results.

Results from Friday
  • Legends...........Loss of £250.00
  • Probandit.........Loss of £10.06

Results from Thursday
  • Probandit.........Loss of £175.88

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Losing day

Only a couple of bets today. Probandit went for the 6/4 favourite Hawkeyethenoo who finished 4th. The Legends managed a 3rd with Alanbrooke (4/1). Unfortunately it was a win bet.

Could be a struggle to get bets on tomorrow with various meetings staggered throughout the day (the last one at 8pm..arggghh) but hopefully I'll get a spare 5 minutes.

Results from Today
  • Legends...........Loss of £150.00
  • Probandit.........Loss of £100.00

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Missed out again

Missed out on another day of great tipping by the Legends, with Rowe Park winning at 4/1 to bring in most of the 18 points profit on the day.

Probandit provided 3 tips in 2 races. We'll Deal Again (100/30) came closest finishing 2nd at Southwell.

It's going to be a little bit quiet on the tipping front with Equine not starting up until December and obviously the news I received yesterday. I made a couple of hundred pounds tonight trading which means I have only had one minor days loss since I started playing around with it. Possibly in November I will start posting up the daily figures.

Results from Today
  • Probandit.........Loss of £107.02

Monday, 26 October 2009

No bets today

No bets today and only a little bit of trading done on the Reading match...all green with most of the second half left.

However today I was thrown out of the Form Analyst. Surely a first for a customer to be thrown out by the tipster? Personally I don't think my comments on the blog have been particularly bad considering the run they have been on and the poor performance of the bets....but it appears they were bad enough to get me the boot. Perhaps the dismissal could have been handled a little more professionally though, especially from a service that rates itself so highly on this matter. Anyhow I'm not in the gang anymore and Graeme has refunded my subs. So fair play to him on that point. Line drawn etc etc.

Portfolio wise I am a service down now. Having done a little research there is nothing at the moment that takes my fancy. Trading is one option..but may be too time consuming. No need to rush into anything just yet.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Poor end to the week

Just the one hopeless ew bet from the Form Analyst today to end the week. The Duke's Speech (11/1) never in it and never close to an ew spot either.

Results from Today

  • Form Analyst.....Loss of £200.00

Saturday, 24 October 2009

No bets ...

My weekend tipsters had no bets today, though I believe I missed another great day for the Legends with 3 winners..two of which came within a 5 minute blitz.

Friday, 23 October 2009

Legends save the week

Crocus Rose (12/1) saved me from a nasty week..winning at Doncaster. Unlike JP I didn't get rule 4 anywhere which was a plus. However unlike JP I made a balls up and thought I had placed £30ew at one of the bookies , when actually it was only £15 ew...£230 down the drain! Only seems to happen on winning bets though!

Also a good steady day from Probandit with Ishiadancer (7/2 to 3/1) winning and later on This Ones For Eddy (8/1 to 15/2) getting backed into 9/4 before being beaten by a short head. Still got the place money on it though.

Added a few more blogs to my Sites of Interest today.Good luck with the blogs.

Results from Friday

  • Legends...........Profit of £770.00
  • Probandit.........Profit of £191.84

Bookies refund

Dreadful day with only a place for Probandit at 6/1. Elsewhere a whitewash recorded for both the Form Analyst (whose unplaced ew bets are really pi**ing me off now) and the Legends. If last week hadn't been so good my mood would be foul!

Results from Thursday
  • Legends...........Loss of £450.00
  • Probandit.........Loss of £70.00
  • Form Analyst....Loss of £400.00

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

No winners

Worst day for a while..though nothing too serious. None of the tips ran particularly well today with three losers for the Legends and just the one for Probandit.

No saving profit on the trading today either. A small horse racing profit but didn't see any obvious opportunities in the football tonight.

Results from Today
  • Probandit.........Loss of £100.00
  • Legends...........Loss of £300.00

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Single bet

Only the one today coming from the Form Analyst with Ours (8-1 to 15/2) coming in 4th.

A loss for the tipsters on the day, but I more than made up for it trading on the football tonight. Surely this trading lark can't be as easy as it seems? Or is it just beginners luck?

Results from Today

  • Form Analyst.....Loss of £200.00

Monday, 19 October 2009

Scraped a profit

Another tiny profit to report thanks to Probandit. Points from two of the four bets with Hotham (9/2) winning and a close place for Dolphin Rock (15/2 - 7/1), both at Pontefract.

The Form Analyst's bet Go Amwell (9/1) finished in 4th at Plumpton.

Results from Today

  • Probandit.........Profit of £208.10
  • Form Analyst.....Loss of £200.00

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Profitable Pro

Profitable Sunday to round off an epic week. Probandit landed a win with Ingleby Arch (4/1) and a place for Persian Peril (6/1).

Will be nice to have a quiet period with Equine's break. No scrambling for prices at 10.20 tomorrow!

Results from Today

  • Probandit........Profit of £150.00

Saturday update

Another good day on Saturday with both Equine and Probandit backing Bertie Southstreet. Managed 11/1 for the Probandit bet and 15/2 down to 5/1 for the Equine bet. The difference in market movement between the two services never more evident!

First minor loss on trading yesterday but this is all part of the learning curve I guess.

Results from Today

  • Equine............Profit of £917.50
  • Probandit........Profit of £261.25

Friday, 16 October 2009

Tipping Legends = Cash Dispenser

Absolutely glorious day for the Legends today...with me making just shy of 88 points on the day from their tips alone. Must be a record for me!

Quite a few point bets today and it looked ominous after the first 3 point bet, Parsons Legacy (100/30) only came in 5th. A winner in the next bet, Bolin Judith (4/1), changed the mood. Then came the 5.15 at Cheltenham. The main bet was Mr Apples (sp 9/1), with a saver on Gaora Lane (sp 7/1) followed with a straight forecast bet on the two in that order. I didn't fancy the straight forecast, however bet on it and did the reverse forecast also. Got home from work to discover they had finished exactly how the Legends had predicted! Finally in the last bet Final Victory (9/1) placed 3rd. What a payday! To make it even better all the bets were placed at a certain Australian bookie that ripped me off by refusing to pay out on a BOG price earlier in the year.

Elsewhere, on this busy day, Probandit chalked up a profit coming mostly from a Medicinal Compound (11/4) winner and a betfair place (3.0) for Wellington Square.

Equine failed to score from its single bet today and the Form Analyst's bet Aimigayle (16/1 to 14/1) came very close to scoring at Cheltenham, but finished in 4th.

Quite a day and also hit 5 days in a row profit from trading!

Results from Today

  • Legends...........Profit of £4385.40
  • Probandit.........Profit of £174.52
  • Equine.............Loss of £150.00
  • Form Analyst.....Loss of £200.00

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Much better

Winsley Hill or nothing today with it being the only bet of the day for both the Form Analyst (10/1) and the Legends(10/1 to 8/1). Winsley Hill it was thankfully! A much needed boost to the betting bank.

On top of that more trading profits recorded today...4 days in a row....I'm well pleased with the progress so far especially as it is only taking me 5 minutes a day.

Results from Today

  • Form Analyst.........Profit of £1204.80
  • Legends................Profit of £559.20
  • Probandit..............Loss of £100.00

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Zero bets

Just the one bet today with the Legends picking Sherjawy in the 9.20 at Kempton. The bugger was withdrawn near the no bet.

Equine closes its flat season on Saturday, and it would appear with the few bets given out this week that we are going to be in for a quiet time of it for a while. This gives me more time to improve my trading skills, which again produced a profit today. Two things I have picked up already are: 1. Discipline is needed (which I have). 2. Liquidity on betfair is key to the speed of progression of profits.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Small losses

Equine and Probandit produced some small losses today. Daring Dream (8/1) ran poorly for Equine, while Veiled Applause (2/1) placed for Probandit, although he played a higher stake on the place market.

Small profit again from trading today. However I am playing around with the odd pound only to get the feel for it. Resuming with bets from the Legends tomorrow. Hopefully they will improve on the poor results since Saturday.

Results from Today
  • Equine.............Loss of £150.00
  • Probandit.........Loss of £11.39

Monday, 12 October 2009

Equine finds some close season form

Equine found a winner today that was enough to make a profit for me on the day. Dinner Date won at 9/2 to 4/1. This was followed with a place for Kingswinford (12/1 to 11/1).

Elsewhere a loser for the Form Analyst with Drawnfromthepast (11/1) finishing 4th.

Had a bit of spare time in work today and tried my hand at trading. A success! £3.61 profit! I think this is a skill I will have to improve on, though it was nice to see the race show green across the board on betfair.

Results from Today

  • Equine ...........Profit of £456.28
  • Form Analyst....Loss of £200.00

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Quiet Sunday

A few bets from Probandit with Spiritual Art placing at 6/1 to 11/2. The other smaller bets in the 3.45 Goodwood failed to score.

Results from Sunday

  • Probandit.............Loss of £92.50

Lead boots removed

As if by magic all services played on Saturday produced a profit! The question though, is this just a small blip in a continuing poor run or is it a turning point?

Played the Form Analyst's bets on win only Saturday. As I said on Friday placed ew bets are no good to me at the moment. This plan worked well with Beat the Boys winning easily at 6/1. If Silly Wupple hadn't got beaten by a neck in the previous bet it would have been a corker of a day.

Equine also managed a needed win with Theola winning at 3/1.

Finally Probandit made me wait until the 9.15 at Wolverhampton to produce a profit. Mister Jingles scraped home at 13/2 to 11/2.

Results from Saturday

  • Form Analyst......Profit of £800.00
  • Equine..............Profit of £150.00
  • Probandit..........Profit of £313.60

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Lead boots

If I jumped into the sea with lead boots I wouldn't sink as fast as my betting bank is at the moment. Close calls, placed ew use to me. I need points on the board.

Results from Friday
  • Equine.............Loss of £31.90
  • Probandit.........Loss of £300.00
  • Form Analyst....Loss of £200.00

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Small profit

One bet from Probandit on a 10/11 favourite Kilt Rock secured a small profit today.

Two more "mention" winners for the Form Analyst at SP's of 7/1 and 11/2 shows there is still potential with the service. No doubt Mr Sod will be about to apply his law when the account bets appear again!

Results from Today

  • Probandit..........Profit of £90.90

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

No bets today

Nothing staked today......however it was the turn of the Form Analyst to have a "mention" win. The Snail (11/2) winning by 22 lengths! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..................

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Small stakes

Only one 1/4 point ew bet from Probandit today, but alas even that was a loser! Pepper Lane (13/2) finished 5th at Catterick.

Results from Today

  • Probandit.............Loss of £50.00

Monday, 5 October 2009

Let down

A good day for Probandit was spoiled by the other two services today. Two winners from three, with Mont Agel (9/4) and Muftarres drifting to 6/1 SP.

Earlsmedic was the tip for both Equine and the Form Analyst which cost me today. Equine now down 23 points on this years peak with Form Analyst down a massive 48 points. The Form Analyst is now fighting a relegation battle and whether he likes it or not, the next bet is going to be the most important bet...until the next bet after that. Probably now I'd like to get level and just get out. However we will see what this week brings.

Results from Today

  • Probandit .........Profit of £372.50
  • Equine..............Loss of £100.00
  • Form Analyst......Loss of £300.00

Sunday, 4 October 2009

No bets today

Had a chance to get the September and year to date figures posted today.....however it appears I was too lazy! Will sort it tomorrow.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Nice and Quiet

Nice relaxing Saturday without hundreds of pounds risked. Small profit for both services that played. Equine placed with Celtic Sultan (10/1) and Probandit brought in just under a point mostly from Roar of Applause's (11/2) win.

Results from Today

  • Equine..........Profit of £25.00
  • Probandit.....Profit of £89.32

Friday, 2 October 2009

Not much better

This blog could start becoming a bit repetitive. The phrase "poor run continues for Equine and the Form Analyst's tip came in last of all again" could just be copied and pasted by me every night to save me time!

The Legends continued the revival with a second for Rio De La Plata (4/1) and a place for Leyte Gulf (11/1).

Another daily loss to add to the list this week.

Results from Today

  • Legends ............Profit of £75.00
  • Equine..............Loss of £150.00
  • Form Analyst......Loss of £200.00

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Two dreadful days in a row

Beyond the stage of getting depressed about the poor results now. Pretty poor today and I knew it was going to be after the first Probandit result at 1.50 Ayr. Decided to run with the Form Analyst on the same stake as I have being doing. Took the attitude it couldn't possibly get any worse.

Good point of the day was another winner for the Legends with Quai d'Orsay winning at 4/1. Will post up Septembers losses tomorrow.

Results from Today

  • Legends...............Profit of £200.00
  • Form Analyst........Loss of £300.00
  • Probandit.............Loss of £450.00