Wednesday, 6 January 2010

End of postings

With RM junior arriving in early March I have decided not to take up any more of my time with keeping the blog and will revert back to the spreadsheets.

Its been fun keeping a record over the year but it is time consuming and I know with the arrival in March I am going to have no free time at all!

Friday, 1 January 2010


Bit of a disaster for the racing with the weather I wasn't expecting to hit the new year with all guns blazing.

On top of that it was "visit the in laws day" I am only just in....and ready for a few beers!

A new tipster service has asked me to help proof their results on the blog, which I will do so from tomorrow well as publish my 2009 figures.

Results from Today

  • Legends.........Loss of £255.00
  • Probandit.......Loss of £50.00

Thursday, 31 December 2009

End of the year

Sign off time for 2009. Will post up figures tomorrow when I am nursing my hangover.

Today saw the Legends and Probandits bets run well with no reward.

Have a good one tonight and we can look forward to a prosperous 2010.

Results from Today

  • Legends.........Loss of £100.00
  • Probandit.......Loss of £100.00

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Xmas update

I think the new years resolution will be never to leave my blog so badly unattended again!

Its been a busy Xmas period personally and the betting has been up and down like a yo yo. Thankfully the last few days ended on a high with a 3 point win for the Legends today at 9/1. Chaninbar winning at Taunton. Also a good winner for Probandit today with Pegasus Again (7/1). Pity it was on minimum stakes.

Also had a bit of luck yesterday when I backed the Legends bet Joncol £150 ew instead of £150 to win in error. It finished 3rd. However I would have been kicking the dog if it had not placed!

Will double check the figures later to make sure I haven't made any errors. Back to normal updates tomorrow!

Results from Today

  • Legends.........Profit of £1350.00
  • Probandit.......Profit of £210.00
  • Equine...........Loss of £250.00

Results from Tuesday

  • Legends.........Loss of £156.25

Results from Monday

  • Probandit.......Profit of £96.79
  • Equine...........Loss of £150.00
  • Legends.........Loss of £352.50

Results from Sunday

  • Legends.........Profit of £395.00
  • Equine...........Loss of £100.00

Results from Saturday

  • Legends........Loss of £405.00

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

A Christmas gift from the Legends

Like most Legends followers pain was felt as the first of today's bets, a 3 pointer, NightJar (9/4) finished down in 3rd. However it didn't take long for the pain to go as the next race produced a winner . Mr Funshine (19.93 win & 4.75 place on Betfair) won the 1.25 Southwell to leave me in good shape going into the xmas break.

In the same race Probandits' bet ThoughtsofStardom (4/1) was unlucky not to place, finishing 4th.

Equines' bet Jackie Kiely (9/1 to 13/2) lost by a neck in the 2.25 but we got the place money.

Results from Today

  • Legends.........Profit of £932.83
  • Equine...........Loss of £8.75
  • Probandit.......Loss of £150.00