Friday, 31 July 2009


Just got in to discover Equine had done it again! Without Prejudice (11/1) won by a neck at Newmarket this evening. I actually am in shock at how good this guy is!

Earlier I had a slow day and was expecting to post a smallish loss on the blog this evening.

Probandit just missed out on a profit with Red Cape (5/1 to 9/2) finishing in a dead heat for second at Thirsk. In the same race The Form Analyist's bet Inter Vision (11/2) finished down in 7th.

The Legends had me worried for a while with no winners (or places) until the 5.10 Goodwood. Thankfully Summer Fete (11/1) obliged and the day improved dramatically from then on.

Results from Today

  • Equine...........Profit of £1100.00
  • Probandit.......Loss of £52.00
  • Legends.........Loss of £170.00
  • Form Analyst...Loss of £200.00

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Small loss on the day

Not too much damage done today thanks to a 3 point win and a place for the Legends. Schiaparelli (15/8) won well in the 3.25 Goodwood. The Legends also found a place with River Captain (12/1) earlier in the 2.20.

Finally a loser for Equine with a small 1pt bet on Green Park (100/30 to 3/1) at Nottingham. It was disappointing to see the horse finish down in 6th.

Results from Today

  • Equine................Loss of £100.00
  • Legends..............Loss of £18.75

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Another top day!

July 2009 is going to be a month to remember in my betting history. Equines level of soothsaying this month is nothing short of superb. Another big winner today...Classic Revenge (14/1 to 11/1 R4) stormed through for first place.

Probandit played a 3 horse dutch in the 5.10 with Alsace Lorraine (9/2) winning to bring in another 1.75 points profit.

The Legends didn't manage to increase yesterdays big tally but still managed 3 good places to keep the festival on track. Tyrell's Wood (8/1), Woolfall Treasure (10/1) and Mata Keranjang (SP 14/1) all managed placings.

Results from Today

  • Equine.......Profit of £1720.70
  • Probandit...Profit of £175.00
  • Legends.....Loss of £103.75

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Back to the winners enclosure

A winning day for me and a winning day for the Tipping Legends. Not sure who will be more or the tipsters themselves!

I was certainly pleased with the first race of the day for me the Goodwood 2.10. A strong ew bet for Drumfire (16/1) put me £1k up to start the day. Later a win for Finjaan (10/1) and a place for Drill Sergeant (12/1) left the Legends over 18 points up on the day.

Good performances for both Equine and The Form Analyst with their ew bets. Salient (33/1 to 22/1) was unlucky in running but still managed 4th for Equine. Fossgate (9/1) ran well well for TFA to finish 3rd.

For Probandit, Baybshambles (7/1) finished just out of the money in 4th place.

Results from Today

  • Legends.........Profit of £912.50
  • Equine...........Profit of £252.50
  • Form Analyst...Profit of £53.00
  • Probandit.......Loss of £100.00

Monday, 27 July 2009

Just the one bet

The Form Analyst went for a high odds effort day with Gentle Guru (25/1) at Windsor. Would have been terrific if it had come in or even placed..but no luck today.

Start of Goodwood tomorrow and we will see much more action with the Legends hopefully back to form.

Results from Today
  • Form Analyst...........Loss of £200.00

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Small loss to end a great week

Pitbull (11/2) came within a neck of pulling off another profitable day for me on what has been a great week. Probandit also covered the 4.10 Curragh though Irish Heartbeat (5/1) and Fit the Cove (9/1) finished 4th and 10th respectively.

Results from Today

  • Probandit................Loss of £95.00

Saturday, 25 July 2009


Only Equine played today and boy how did they play! Two bets and profit from both. First up was Redford (11/1 to 10/1) at Ascot for a place. Next bet was Bravely at Newcastle. All the bookies with the best prices in total offered me £50 at 8/1. By the time I had finished farting about with them I had to take £150 at 6/1. Though on a good note it was with a bookie I don't normally use, so it was nice to win with them for a change. However you really notice the difference in profits to advised prices to the ones I actually get when this sort of run is in progress. I managed to watch the race and the jockey did everything right, and as he made his move, I knew it was another great win.

Results from Today

  • Equine............Profit of £1564.25

Friday, 24 July 2009

Another day of profit

Equine got me another winner today as Aye Aye Digby (9/2 to 7/2) cruised to victory at Newmarket this evening.

A winner for Probandit at Thirsk , the favourite Rafta (5/4), and a place in the 5.20 for Ingleby Star (3/1) who was only beaten by a short head.

Finally The Form Analyst was unsuccessful with both picks today.

Results from Today

  • Equine............Profit of £683.00
  • Probandit........Profit of £88.00
  • Form Analyst....Loss of £400.00

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Equine Drifter?

Equine's second bet of the day Spirit of Sharjah began to drift on betfair before the off. No chance of it winning as the drifters never win. Wrong! A winner at an sp of 8/1 which considering the vast majority of my bet was at 6/1 was an added bonus. Earlier at Epsom, Omokoroa (11/4) was beaten into a close second.

The Form Analyst came close tonight also, Guilded Warrior(6/1) beaten into a close 2nd. Thankfully the horse that beat it was Spirit of Sharjah!

So other than another grand profit on the day it was pretty quiet!

Results from Today

  • Equine...........Profit of £1000.00
  • Form Analyst...Profit of £20.00

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Double Profit

Two services in action and both posted a profit. Winner for Equine was Parc Des Princes (7/2) at Lingfield. Earlier Redwater River finished 3rd at prices of 14/1 down to 12/1. Just as a note to Equine and the far as I can remember last year the prices fell at a similar speed. As with this year a high odd bet was cut in seconds and as with this year the lower odds bets were fairly easy to get on. This is something I have learnt to accept as part and parcel of being with, without question, the most professional betting service there is. If you can't be available at the times the bets come out to place them, then this isn't the service for you.

Probandit also backed Redwater River but as an e/w bet. The second bet saw Obe Gold win at evens.

Results from Today

  • Equine...........Profit of £300.00
  • Probandit.......Profit of £150.00

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Small wager

Probandit had the only bet of the day and it was only a 0.25 e/w bet on Dancing Wave (11/1) at my least favourite course Southwell. No luck however and a small loss on the day to report.

Results from Today

  • Probandit................Loss of £50.00

Monday, 20 July 2009

TFA magic

It is a rare occurrence that I get off to a good start with a new service. However The Form Analyst has managed that and more for me. Moonage Daydream was advised at 16/1 this morning and took 1st place at Beverley this evening. I played it on betfair SP win/place hoping it would drift. It didn't however and I managed 15.5 on the win and 4.3 on the place. So a few points lost there. However on a positive note I probably would have struggled getting £100 e/w at the bookies and a win on betfair keeps those account closers away from my accounts for a little while longer.

Probandit started my day off perfectly with Pavershooz (10/1) winning at the 4.30 Ayr. A place for Rocket Ruby (7/2) and finally a loss for Beauthea over at Ballinrobe left me just over 2 points up on the day after the great start.

A winner, Dragon Slayer (5/2 to 9/4) and two losers for Equine also left me with a small profit from this service.

So just under £2k profit to start the week can't be bad?

Results from Today

  • Probandit........Profit of £223.80
  • Form Analyst....Profit of £1694.56
  • Equine............Profit of £75.00

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Blank Sunday

As expected no bets today.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Nothing for Saturday

Poor weather and ground means we have the second Saturday in a row with no action. I'd be surprised if there was anything tomorrow either with Redcar already cancelled.

Friday, 17 July 2009

One bet One win for Probandit

Very quiet day with only the Legends and Probandit playing. Probandit as the title suggests had one bet and one win with Proficiency(11/2 to 5/1 R4) at Pontefract. The profit on this bet undid the damage done by the Legends, who on this horrible run, dropped another 5 points today. There is no doubt a good day is needed to get the confidence back up. With a bit of confidence anything can be achieved in any aspect of life.

Results from Today

  • Probandit.......Profit of £268.77
  • Legends.........Loss of £250.00

Thursday, 16 July 2009


Really good profit today even though only half the services scored profit. My ROI this week has been superb considering the few bets I've wagered.

Today was the busiest day so far. Great start with My Gacho(9/1 to 7/1) winning for the Form Analyst in the 3.15 Leicester. I was only following race via betfair and I thought it was well beaten as it drifted hugely in play. Later Lake Chini (10/1 to 9/1) managed a nice 3rd in an ew bet.

Probandit bounced back from yesterdays loss to pull me in another 6 points profit. Winners were Dinqaan(11/2 to 5/1), then Support Fund (5/1) which beat the Equine bet in the same race and finally Matterofact (9/2) placing.

2 losers for Equine and an unlucky 4th for Legends. To sum up the Legends luck at the moment JC posted this today in his mail concerning The Form Analyst winner My Gacho "I've been a bit of a Jonah for this stable recently so now I'm passing it over it will probably win." What more can I say?

Results from Today

  • Form Analyst......Profit of £1082.06
  • Probandit...........Profit of £611.20
  • Legends..............Loss of £100.00
  • Equine................Loss of £275.00

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Empty Bet slips

All 4 tipsters having a no bet day. Back tomorrow.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Back in action

Couple of races covered today and thanks to the Form Analyst it was a profitable day. Danehill Sundance (5/1 R4) won fairly comfortably at Beverley to register a nice profit.

Elsewhere a rare unprofitable day for Probandit. Arcola (9/4) was beaten into 2nd by the neck of a 14/1 shot at Brighton. The other part of the dutch Goose Green (7/2), a previous winner for Probandit, finished in 5th.

July is motoring along quite nicely and hopefully there are no cliffs just round the corner for me to fall off.............. again?

Results from Today

  • Form Analyst...Profit of £517.50
  • Probandit........Loss of £175.00

Monday, 13 July 2009

3 in a row!

Three days of no bets that is. All the bets were at Ayr today which was abandoned mid afternoon. I'm straining at the bit for a bet now!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Nothing wagered

Bit of a dull weekend for me with nothing being wagered today again. Still its about profit rather than having something to watch

Saturday, 11 July 2009

No bets today

All three of the services I play on weekends opted out of the betting ring today. Update tomorrow hopefully with some winning action.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Another good day for Equine

A win Thebes (6/1 to 11/2) and a place Valdan (17/2) was enough to give Equine a quality day.

Probandit ended with just one tip and Rio Cobolo placed (5/2) to breakeven for the day.

Disappointing for the Legends today with another 4 points lost. To be fair though their strong bet Laa Rayb (16/1) was beaten before the race started. The horse did not want to go into the stalls and should have been withdrawn.

Results from Today

  • Equine...........Profit of £586.25
  • Probandit.......Profit of £00.32
  • Legends.........Loss of £200.00

Thursday, 9 July 2009


Most of yesterdays losses pulled back but yet it still managed to be a day of frustration.

Equine at last got another good win with Perfect Silence winning at Warwick (5/1 R4). Probandit came close to a good day with Wordly Wise (10/1) beaten by a short head at Leopardstown.

The Legends results must have had JC pulling his hair out today. Sand Repeal second (9/4), then Longboat Key (7/2) beaten by a neck and finally Tabaret (20/1 and SP 25/1) beaten by a head. Someone please send them a bag of rabbits feet and a few 4 leaf clovers, as this luck has to change!

Results from Today

  • Equine...........Profit of £605.00
  • Probandit.......Profit of £25.00
  • Legends.........Loss of £93.12

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

End of the good run

Was hoping not to be posting up any days like this in July.. but I am praying this is the only one I'll have to do.

Losers all round was the theme to the day. Started the day poorly with two Equine losers. Run for the Hills (10/1 to 8/1) finished in 11th and then Nothern Flyer (100/30) was beaten by a head.

Next up on the chopping board was Fin Vin de Leu (7/2) for the Legends finishing in 3rd.

A brief respite in the 4.05 when Probandits bet Minturno placed 3rd.

The misery was completed in the 5.30 Newmarket with the Form Analysts tip Kinsya (9/1) finishing down in 10th.

Results from Today

  • Equine...................Loss of £350.00
  • Tipping Legends.......Loss of £100.00
  • Form Analyst...........Loss of £200.00
  • Probandit................Loss of £16.70

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Tuesday update

Another quiet one for me with the bank taking a minor dent today. Only tip I followed today was the Form Analyst's Jeer (7/2) at Pontefract. It finished down in 6th.

The Legends only running tip today was Errigal Lad (16/1) which finished in 6th also.

Not sure how either ran as I was busy in work today.

Results from Today

  • Form Analyst....Loss of £200.00

Monday, 6 July 2009

No bets today

Money banked from the weekend and no bets wagered by me. Only the Legends played, though Helping Hand (11/1) finished down in 10th.

Not expecting a whole lot of action in the next few days until the weather stabilizes.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Super Sunday

Usually when posting up on this particular day of the week I've been tempted to call the title "Sh@# Sunday". Today was something special though and was very close to being even better.

Probandit has been on a great run for the last few weeks.. and it continued today. Two bets and two winners. Brighton course specialist Lady Florence won in the 4.30 at 7/1. This was followed up by the big gamble of the day at Ayr, Ingleby Star who won at 7/1 to 13/2.

The Form Analyst more than made up for yesterday. He also backed Ingleby Star though with the bet coming in earlier than Probandit's I was able to get some 9/1 and the rest at 8's. Earlier in the 4.10 Ayr, Comptons Eleven (13/2) was beaten by a nose.

I keep away from private bets, as they are my personal road to ruin, but boy do I wish I had done an e/w treble today!

Results from Today

  • Probandit........Profit of £830.48
  • Form Analyst....Profit of £1034.32

Saturday, 4 July 2009

A good and bad day?

The good today was the long over due big winner for Equine. Celtic Change made all during the 5.45 Haydock and scraped over the line to win. Advised at 10/1 , I managed half the win bet at 10/1 and had to go all the way down to 13/2 to complete the wager. By the time I got round to doing the e/w part of the bet the best I could get was 13/2. Price collapse has been a huge feature of Equine his year..and it is a little frustrating to say the least. Equine's other bet Masai Moon (7/1) finished 6th.

The bad today was the Form Analyst who dropped 6 points . Blythe Night (35/1),Goodbye Mr Bond(11/2 beaten into 3rd by Equine's winner) and Major Maggie (10/1) failed to read Graeme's analysis today.

The Legends bets today, which I didn't wager, would have given me 1 point profit if I had managed advised prices. Babyshambles winning at Beverley, advised at a half point e/w at 11/1.

Results from Today

  • Equine............Profit of £1118.32
  • Form Analyst....Loss of £600.00

Friday, 3 July 2009

Non runner city

Amazingly 6 bets ran today despite the hoard of non runners in the racing today.

Worst hit was the Legends winner today. Advised at 12/1, though I was late and managed 9/1, Classic Legend was hit with a 65p rule 4, leaving us with profits on the race closer to 3/1.

Probandits 100% July record went today. A place for Mt Weather (15/2) at Bellewstown ensured little damage was done.

Equines terrible run continues with a last place for War Party (8/1) at Sandown. We had runs like this last year but the big difference being I was 70 points up before the run happened. Fingers crossed for a winning streak in July.

Results from Today

  • Legends......Profit of £57.50
  • Probandit....Loss of £56.25
  • Equine........Loss of £100.00

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Another good day

Not sure if its my "back to basics" tactic or it just coincidental but I am on an enjoyable purple patch this week so far. 3 winners today and a good place ensured a good daily profit.

Starting with the Form Analyst. Hawbridge King was put up as an e/w bet at 6/1. The race however was hit by a horrendous amount of non runners and the winning bet was given a 40p rule 4. Maslak in the 6.20 Epsom didn't fare as well finishing down in 7th.

Probandit's recent form continued with a win from the services single bet. Dabbers Ridge winning at 11/8 at Redcar.

The Legends got off the mark for July with 2 winning bets and a place. Going for Gold winning at mostly 2/1 and then, following a later message Ogre won at Epsom (5/1 to 9/2).

Just as a note to profit figures for the Legends. As I am following my own system for their bets, which involves not wagering all the bets, I will from now on mention any tips I have not wagered on a daily basis. I will also on the month end P&L's show for comparison the results to advised bets and stakes. This is to be done for reporting the results fairly, as for example last month my results were in a loss, yet if I had followed all bets I would have been in profit. Will update the June P&L once I have the advised results.

Results from Today

  • Probandit........Profit of £137.50
  • Form Analyst....Profit of £157.22
  • Legends..........Profit of £302.71

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Good start to July

Good start to July and a good start to my time with the Form Analyst. Jonny Lesters managed a place at mostly 18/1 in the 3.30 Catterick.

Also a good day for Probandit. They dutched two in the race above for what would have been a small return. As the Legends and the Form Analyst(FA) both had tips in this race I left the Probandit tip. Bold Marc was the tip and of course it won. I made up for this in the 4.00 race. Red Cape won at 5/1 and part of the bet was an sp place bet. I have of course managed to put on an sp win bet. Again I got lucky and the extra profit made up for opting out of the Bold Marc bet.

The Legends unfortunately continued the bad run with neither Tina's Best (20/1) or Bolton Hall (9/1) getting close. Really need a good month to get my confidence up with this service. It is the only service I have retained this year that isn't in profit.

Results from Today

  • Probandit........Profit of £397.02
  • Form Analyst....Profit of £264.90
  • Legends..........Loss of £100.00

June and YTD P&L

Results from June 2009

  • Probandit...........Profit of £1706.13
  • TL Golf...............Loss of £62.50
  • Legends..............Loss of £176.54
  • Mob....................Loss of £392.64
  • Noseahead...........Loss of £400.90
  • Equine................Loss of £718.82
Loss for June 2009 £45.27

YTD as at 30 June 2009

  • Probandit............Profit of £2613.04
  • TLGolf.................Profit of £842.66
  • Equine.................Profit of £143.18
  • Legends...............Loss of £136.50
  • Noseahead............Loss of £398.35
  • Mob....................Loss of £731.12
  • Allroundtipster.....Loss of £1649.18
Total Profit YTD at 30 June 2009 £683.73