Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Good start to July

Good start to July and a good start to my time with the Form Analyst. Jonny Lesters managed a place at mostly 18/1 in the 3.30 Catterick.

Also a good day for Probandit. They dutched two in the race above for what would have been a small return. As the Legends and the Form Analyst(FA) both had tips in this race I left the Probandit tip. Bold Marc was the tip and of course it won. I made up for this in the 4.00 race. Red Cape won at 5/1 and part of the bet was an sp place bet. I have of course managed to put on an sp win bet. Again I got lucky and the extra profit made up for opting out of the Bold Marc bet.

The Legends unfortunately continued the bad run with neither Tina's Best (20/1) or Bolton Hall (9/1) getting close. Really need a good month to get my confidence up with this service. It is the only service I have retained this year that isn't in profit.

Results from Today

  • Probandit........Profit of £397.02
  • Form Analyst....Profit of £264.90
  • Legends..........Loss of £100.00

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