Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Another top day!

July 2009 is going to be a month to remember in my betting history. Equines level of soothsaying this month is nothing short of superb. Another big winner today...Classic Revenge (14/1 to 11/1 R4) stormed through for first place.

Probandit played a 3 horse dutch in the 5.10 with Alsace Lorraine (9/2) winning to bring in another 1.75 points profit.

The Legends didn't manage to increase yesterdays big tally but still managed 3 good places to keep the festival on track. Tyrell's Wood (8/1), Woolfall Treasure (10/1) and Mata Keranjang (SP 14/1) all managed placings.

Results from Today

  • Equine.......Profit of £1720.70
  • Probandit...Profit of £175.00
  • Legends.....Loss of £103.75


  1. Been away for a spell...great to see you have really been putting up the green.

    Best of luck!


  2. Thanks Jake,

    Its been green nearly all month. A well deserved profit for sticking through the first horrible 6 months of the year.

    Good luck with your own venture