Thursday, 2 July 2009

Another good day

Not sure if its my "back to basics" tactic or it just coincidental but I am on an enjoyable purple patch this week so far. 3 winners today and a good place ensured a good daily profit.

Starting with the Form Analyst. Hawbridge King was put up as an e/w bet at 6/1. The race however was hit by a horrendous amount of non runners and the winning bet was given a 40p rule 4. Maslak in the 6.20 Epsom didn't fare as well finishing down in 7th.

Probandit's recent form continued with a win from the services single bet. Dabbers Ridge winning at 11/8 at Redcar.

The Legends got off the mark for July with 2 winning bets and a place. Going for Gold winning at mostly 2/1 and then, following a later message Ogre won at Epsom (5/1 to 9/2).

Just as a note to profit figures for the Legends. As I am following my own system for their bets, which involves not wagering all the bets, I will from now on mention any tips I have not wagered on a daily basis. I will also on the month end P&L's show for comparison the results to advised bets and stakes. This is to be done for reporting the results fairly, as for example last month my results were in a loss, yet if I had followed all bets I would have been in profit. Will update the June P&L once I have the advised results.

Results from Today

  • Probandit........Profit of £137.50
  • Form Analyst....Profit of £157.22
  • Legends..........Profit of £302.71

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