Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Double Profit

Two services in action and both posted a profit. Winner for Equine was Parc Des Princes (7/2) at Lingfield. Earlier Redwater River finished 3rd at prices of 14/1 down to 12/1. Just as a note to Equine and the far as I can remember last year the prices fell at a similar speed. As with this year a high odd bet was cut in seconds and as with this year the lower odds bets were fairly easy to get on. This is something I have learnt to accept as part and parcel of being with, without question, the most professional betting service there is. If you can't be available at the times the bets come out to place them, then this isn't the service for you.

Probandit also backed Redwater River but as an e/w bet. The second bet saw Obe Gold win at evens.

Results from Today

  • Equine...........Profit of £300.00
  • Probandit.......Profit of £150.00

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