Sunday, 11 October 2009

Lead boots removed

As if by magic all services played on Saturday produced a profit! The question though, is this just a small blip in a continuing poor run or is it a turning point?

Played the Form Analyst's bets on win only Saturday. As I said on Friday placed ew bets are no good to me at the moment. This plan worked well with Beat the Boys winning easily at 6/1. If Silly Wupple hadn't got beaten by a neck in the previous bet it would have been a corker of a day.

Equine also managed a needed win with Theola winning at 3/1.

Finally Probandit made me wait until the 9.15 at Wolverhampton to produce a profit. Mister Jingles scraped home at 13/2 to 11/2.

Results from Saturday

  • Form Analyst......Profit of £800.00
  • Equine..............Profit of £150.00
  • Probandit..........Profit of £313.60

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