Friday, 13 March 2009

Cheltenham Festival 2009 - Day 4

All done and dusted and we got out with a healthy profit from the big festival 2009. Didn't get to see one race live either...will sort that out for next year. Brilliant to hear my favourite horse of all time "The Star" regain the title.. though I didn't place a bet on him...will watch the highlights later.
Why didn't I place a bet on him? If I had done he would have lost! I would be best suited as a lay tipster as anything I tip usually comes in last!

Bets placed with Tipping Legends today and my stakes were:

1.30 - Zaynar 75 ew 9/2(BOG 11/2), Walkon 75 ew 9/2
2.05 - Daves Dream 100 win 9/2, Sky Hall 50 ew 18/1,Sunnyhill Boy 25 ew 7/1
2.40 - Pride of Dulcote 150 win 7/2, The Twincamdrift 25 ew 16/1
3.20 - Albertas Run 25 ew 16/1, Knowhere 25 ew 125/1
4.00 - Cappa Bleu 100 win 11/2
4.40 - Piraya 50 ew 22/1, Big Eared Fran 50 win 9/2, Faltering Fullback 25 ew 20/1
5.15 - My petra 25 ew 12/1, Lorient Express 25 ew 16/1

I also backed the two e/w doubles but again no luck..though started well with Zaynar winning.

Pride of Dulcote & Piraya 25 ew
Zaynar & Sky Hall 25 ew

A total of £1350 staked with two winners being Zaynar at 11/2 and Cappa Bleu also at 11/2.Walkon gave a place return at 9/2.As I said above I really thought when Zaynar won the first the big double was on. Sky Hall ran well enough and I thought at one stage he was in with a shot...but alas he faded and the jackpot was gone. Also disappointing was Pride of Dulcote's close second. A win there would have changed the day dramatically.

One race covered by Probandit tonight which has just finished being the 8.20 Wolverhampton. Back down the ladder again after moving up it yesterday. Both Tourist and Tous Les Deux registering poor performances.

Results from today

  • Tipping Legends Profit of £65.01
    (£795.22 Profit for the festival)
  • Probandit........... Loss of £75.00


  1. Nice profit for yourself...and your new blog is attractive to the eye.

  2. Cheers,

    Its been a fairly good week. Might play around with the colours on the blog but trying to make it easier to read. Out of interest are you pulling in 300+ points profit every month or is this just one hell of a run you are on?

  3. This is just the begining of an operation I began in February. I am still refining and learning as I move along...I really can't predict what (if any) my future profits will be...but I hope to maintain my discipline.