Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Peeved off

Anyone following this blog must be beginning to think I am an expert in losing money.This year I have yet to have a sustained good run in either service..(and have dropped another service due its poor performance)whereas last year at stages I felt like I was growing money. Yes Ive had a 80/1 golf winner and yes I had a good Cheltenham..but apart from that I am leaking money. We have Equine Investments starting fairly soon too. I can only hope they do what did last year. At times last year I was beginning to think they were able to time travel the quality and consistency of the bets were so good....until of course the summer rain began..and that was that.

Tipping Legends today were hoping for a bit of St Patricks day luck today. Three bets , one 3 pointer, a 2 pointer and a 1 pointer. The four leaf clover never arrived. Shillingstone the main bet of the day was beaten by a nose, and Laredo Sound the 2 pointer traded at 1.52 or so in play. The result though was another 6 points lost.

Probandit had no system bets today.

So if anyone has any spare luck please send it over to me..as quickly as possible!

Results from today

  • Tipping Legends Loss of £300.00


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  2. Hi RM,
    I have been keeping an eye on your progress lately, and was a bit peeved myself today when Mr.Ed beat Shillingstone, as I had Mr.Ed down as the danger to my selection, Lord Of Illusion which actually pulled up.
    I haven't been doing too badly in the last week or two.
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    Regards NoseAhead!

  3. Hi RM,
    Unlucky to get caught on the line with Shillingstone. I think JP is feeling pretty similar to you of late. A decent win or two will soon have you smiling. Those seconds are a pain but your luck is bound to change soon with a nose win rather than a nose loss.


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    Cheers for the support guys.