Thursday, 26 March 2009

On the whole pretty depressing

Another useless day to add to the blog im afraid. Only place I am going fast at the moment is nowhere!

Nearly 3 months into the year and Tipping Legends stand at nearly -11 points for me, not taking into account the subscription fees. Take out Cheltenham results and its been woeful this year. Today another 2 pointer Painter Man at 7/2 finished a poor 11th.

Probandit started well today with a win for Imprimis Tagula at Southwell. However the failure of Jonnie Skull and Green Agenda (beaten by a nose) to take anything out of the last race at Southwell left me only slightly above break even.

Results from today

  • Probandit......... Profit of £9.38
  • Tipping Legends Loss of £100.00

1 comment:

  1. And I thought I was having it bad!!
    The last 4 days I have been gutted to have lost 13 points off my total.
    All my bets at 1 point(LSP) but I am still standing at 39 Points Profit since Cheltenham.

    Dont get me wrong RM as I'm not wanting to brag or anything (as when you do it always comes back and bites you on the arse)
    We all have bad runs, but I would be devastated being 11 points down on the Year...
    Perhaps now the flat season is getting under way, things will turn around for you soon and hopefully they do!

    regards NoseAhead