Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Progress report at the end of March 2009

So March ends with figures that on paper don't seem too bad...but as far as making any money this year things look dismal.

Tipping Legends:

There is no doubt in my mind that these guys know how to bet. They proved it last year and some of the long odds shots that win prove they can still do it. Consistency is the problem and so this year my faith in the bets has wained. Without the Cheltenham festival I would be 36 points down for the year. To sum it up ..if I hadn't done so well with them last year I would have dropped them like a stone. I have decided to struggle on with them at least for another three months. Thoughts that come into my head are: Has the edge gone? Has their luck run out (thinking of all the seconds they have had)? Have they been distracted with the purchase of their own horse. Should I just bet with them on the big festivals? As a final note I was surprised to see they included the winning e/w double bet at the Cheltenham festival in their published results. This bet only won if it was placed at two specific bookmakers, which were not stipulated as far as I can remember in the tip. Obviously I didn't bet at the right ones!


Again here is a service that last year only managed one losing month(which happened to be my first month with them!) I had a great November and December with them but since then form or luck has left them. Still only 3 points down at the moment and the service fees are low so I have no problem continuing this service. I have decided however to up the stake from £50 to £100 a point from the 1st May. This is not loss chasing however, it is something I had decided upon at the start of the year. There is also a new researched staking plan coming into play this month which I may paper trade before I jump into it.

I can only try and be positive going into April. It is historically a disastrous month for me with no form on the flat. Any money I have made in April historically has been on the NH racing. What I know is essential is the weather. If the flooding starts again this year I may well opt out of all flat racing....it turns the form cards to shreds and betting becomes even more of a lottery.

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