Thursday, 12 March 2009

Cheltenham Festival 2009 - Day 3

Day 3 brought our first negative to the festival. I didn't get the chance to even check the results until about 7pm tonight due to an extremely busy afternoon in work.So much for being able to enjoy the festival!

Bets placed with Tipping Legends today and my stakes were:

1.30- Northern Alliance 50 ew 15/2 , Tranquil Sea 50 ew 10/1
2.05- Galient 50 ew 16/1 , Scriptwriter 25 ew 14/1 (my error Legends bet was 1/2 point win)
2.40- Tidal bay 50 ew 7/1
3.15- Big Bucks 50 win 6/1, Shakervilz 25 ew 80/1
4.00- Or Bleu 25 ew 18/1 , Akilak 25 ew 20/1 & Silverburn 25 ew 33/1 (my error again Legends bet was 1 point win)
4.40- Bowleaze 25 ew, 20/1, Poker de Sivola 25 ew 5/1 & 25 ew Alexander the Great 14/1

I also backed the two e/w doubles

Galient & Bowleaze 25/ew
Tranquil Sea & Or Bleu 25/ew

A total of £950 staked(though I used my free bet from Ladbrokes today so it will go down as £900 staked) with only the one winner in Big Bucks(even better as this was my free bet!) and two places being Bowleaze and Northern Alliance. Still no luck with the ew doubles today, and I did have some trouble getting them on at a few places, though if one comes in you will probably hear me screaming no matter where you are! Not a terrible day and as long as you get at least one winner a day things will never get too serious with the stakes I am playing with.So still up on the festival with tomorrow to come.

Just the one bet from Probandit today..and after my moaning yesterday they found a nice winner with Colorus romping home @ 5/2 ew in the 2.30 Southwell. A good days profit for them to counteract my losses with the Legends.

Results from today

  • Probandit Profit of......... £225.00
  • Tipping Legends Loss of £300.00

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