Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Profitable Wednesday

Moved back up the ladder again today thanks to a good day from Tipping Legends. Again not so good from Probandit..but at least one of their 3 horse dutch bets finally showed some profit.

Fairly busy day from the Legends with bets on 5 horses in total. Places for El Hombre Del Rio at 10/1, Prince of Slane at 8/1 and to top the day a win for Templer at 14/1. Only bad news was that they were all advised as 1/2 point each way bets.

Probandit had bets in 4 races today. The odds were higher than usual..but I think that's the way the system works sometimes. Started badly with Double Valentine and Style Award failing to even place in the first two races. However at the close of play we had a place with Mr Chocolate Drop at mostly 15/2 and ,as mentioned above, a winning 3 horse dutch race with Tartan Ghiga taking the spoils at 5/1.

A better day no doubt, but with a 14/1 winner, you would have hoped to show better daily profit. Lets hope today's profit doesn't go down the plug hole tomorrow.

Results from today

  • Tipping Legends Profit of £384.64
  • Probandit........... Loss of £103.85


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  2. Hi Snakekaa,

    Adding in you now. Good luck and may profit come your way.