Saturday, 28 March 2009

Close to calling it a day

Results from today

  • Tipping Legends Loss of £206.25
  • Probandit .........Loss of £100.00


  1. It's tough going at the minute mate, think I said the same last time to you last time I commented on here.

    Only SLH and the golf are doing the business for me so far this year, but I still have faith in the others. I had a good year last year, and no reason why this shouldn't be the same.

    Know it's not easy to keep sticking the money down and keep losing it but that's what you have to do and believe that it's going to come good in the end.

    Comment on my blog if you want, put your e-mail on it. Won't publish it of course and we can have a natter and see where you want to go from here.

    Best of luck

  2. JP,

    You seem to have sensed my grumpy mood from my blog title today. I must admit I'm not the most positive at the moment. But like you I have faith in these services..I'm still well up on both from when I started them both last year. But it always in the back of my mind that these guys can go bad..I've seen it happen before. Still there is always a bright least I'm not following Blue Sky racing!

    Cheers for the encouragement


  3. Hi RM,
    It is difficult when things just don't go your way and your confidence takes a knock. I think we all know that feeling where everything feels twice as hard. It is crazy how things go at times and there isn't any logic to it in ways. It is just a time when things haven't gone that well but it is amazing how conversely they have the knack of working themselves out and then all turns good. JP has faith in Tipping Legends and I am sure with a win or two things will seem more positive. I hope your luck changes soon and you can progress with optimism. As always I wish you and my fellow blogger the best.