Monday, 2 March 2009

Red for loss again

I really hope people arn't putting all their eggs in one basket with the Cheltenham festival starting next week. If Tipping Legends do not pull off a good festival I would think quite a few of the members may kiss them goodbye. The poor run continues today for both services in action.

Tipping Legends tipped two bets today. Blue Hills failing miserably in the 2.50 Wolverhampton at 9/2 and later in the day the each way tip Milan Deux Mille failing equally as miserably in the 4.00 Stratford at 10/1.

Probandit had a busy day of strategic dutching which failed to hit the mark. Not too much damage done though with Jake The Snake winning at 5/2 and in the last race Blue Tomato winning at 7/4 and a place for Hart of Gold at 10/1 on small stakes.

So no good news at all at the moment..but as I know myself it can all change very quickly when you least expect it.

Results from today

  • Tipping Legends Loss of £100.00
  • Probandit..........Loss of £56.25


  1. hi mate. It's tough going at the minute make no mistake.

    Managed to pull a bit back in the last few days but February was still a big losing month.

    Big week coming up next week. Anticipating laying out around £10,000 in bets which should be interesting !!! Already got around 20 ante-post bets in the book.

    Can't offer any help regarding a sports tipster as I don't have any in my portfolio. Like a football bet, but they're ones I pick out myself and I'm not doing too well in the last few weeks.

    Stick with it and hope things turn around for you soon.

    All the best

  2. JP,

    Thank you for your words of support. Looking forward to your live blog next week...hopefully the festival will kick start the year for us both.


  3. Looking for a change? Try On The Oche as the name suggests it is a darts service £99 for 6 months.Encouraging results this year 73 points profit to 10 point bets I count them as 1 point so 7.3 in front with an ante post @ 6/1 now 2/1 best price.