Sunday, 2 August 2009

Not great again!

August is off to a poor start and I'm hoping it is not going to end up as the antithesis of July.

The Form Analyst had another poor show today with Stevie Thunder (7/1) at Chester finishing down in 9th. Bit of a losing run in progress at the this will be a chance for me to see what the service is really like. Nothing like a losing run to sort the men out from the boys.

Also a disappointing day for Probandit. Ucanchoose (7/1) at Cork and Hypnotic Gaze (3/1) at Chester failed to place.

Predicabily though, success for Equine. Doncaster Rover(15/8 to 7/4) ensured profit for the day winning at Chester. With a profit on the day already bagged Kingswinford (5/1) and The Jobber (10/1 to 7/1) failed to add to the total.

Results from Today

  • Equine..........Profit of £97.50
  • Form Analyst..Loss of £200.00
  • Probandit......Loss of £275.00

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