Saturday, 15 August 2009

Canbet update

Randal: Welcome to Live Chat Support. How may we assist you today?
Me: Hi
Me: Just want to check a few things on my account
Me: I have no transaction history on a bet yesterday
Me: 14 August 2009 £50 E/W Seamus Shindig 5.55 Newmarket
Randal: Please make sure that you change the date range when checking your Transaction History.
Me: Its not there
Me: I have check ed several times
Randal: Did you change the date range?
Me: yes
Me: I spoke to an operator yesterday
Me: and he said he there was some problems
Randal: As per our records the bet is on the account.
Me: with results from newmarket yesterday
Randal: It was a winner.
Me: Reason I want to check it is
Me: I can't tell what price it paiud out at
Me: erm
Me: paid out at
Me: i assumed it was Best Odds Guaranteed
Randal: The profit that you was make on the £281.00
Me: ok can you confirm the odds it paid outon
Randal: 5.50 for the win and 2.12 for the place.
Me: ok
Me: Should it not be best odds guarantee
Me: its sp was 6.5
Randal: Me I have confirmed with our Racing Traders and the payout was correct.
Me: ok but to confirm the rules
Me: on best odds guarantee
Me: why was best odds guarantee not apllied
Me: so I dont make the same error
Randal: We only beat the home tab.
Me: Not sure what you mean
Me: sorry to be a pain by the way
Me: I'll paste what I understand
Me: Best Odds Guaranteed includes Board Prices and Early Prices (Canbet fixed prices) on UK racing only (and does not include Downpatrick and Down Royal), and is available for single win and eachway bets only."
Me: Horse won at official sp of 6.5
Me: and you paid out on 5.5
Me: Not sure how this occours
Me: just need to confirm
Me: Randal have you gone?

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