Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Bitterly disappointing day as this bad run continues. Starting to give back a good chunk of what I won last month. Despite that it was a good day for the Legends. A winner with Fin Vin de leu (6/1) and a place Effistorm (13/2).

Other than that it was total frustration. I was convinced Equine had saved the day and stopped the rot with Navajo (9/2) in the last at Yarmouth. Once again half a horses head spoiled the day.

A couple of high odds bets from the Form Analyst in the space of 10 minutes saw Dudley Docker (16/1 to 12/1) come closest, finishing in 4th.

To top it all off my steady eddie Probandit is on the worst run for at least 6 months. Georgie Bee (9/1) and Upton Seas (6/4) failing to impress at Beverley.

Its all bust or boom at the moment...........would really appreciate something in the middle.

Results from Today

  • Legends.........Profit of £331.00
  • Probandit.......Loss of £200.00
  • Equine...........Loss of £175.00
  • Form Analyst...Loss of £400.00


  1. Greetings RM,

    Stay the know the losing runs are followed by the winning runs (sometimes spectacular).

    Think of every losing bet amount as money you are losing running a personal business, yes, you need the money to run your business of betting.Your money is just a tool for making more money.


  2. Jake,

    Totally agree..but noone likes losing especially. I actually run my own business. Thankfully profits are more steady and consistent than following the horses! However the big advantage the horses have over my business is there is no tax to pay. With tax rates already at 40% over here (moving to 50% soon)this is a huge advantage.

  3. JB,

    Thanks for your comments relating to ways to get round restricted accounts( Which I didn't publish).

    I take on board your advise, though I'm not sure your idea's are for me just yet!