Monday, 10 August 2009

Cheers Ladbrokes

Pulled all my money out of Ladbrokes today..have been using them for over 4 years..but I'd rather have a "close my account letter" rather then the pathetic offering of £4 every bet. They can now rank themselves up there with Betfred and Boyles in the pathetic bookie table. Hills going the same way too, with the refer to trader for 15 minutes crap, while the prices drop everywhere else. The irony is they would have made money on me today as my losing streak moves into its 6th day in a row.

Crossbar hit by Probandit and The Form Analyst winner a day should be enough to get me building the bank up...but the bookie problem has finally stirred me into action and steps are going to be taken this week.

Results from Today

  • Form Analyst.......Profit of £10.53
  • Probandit...........Loss of £165.30
  • Equine...............Loss of £200.00

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