Sunday, 9 August 2009

Losing Run

I've now had 5 losing days in a row. Thankfully Monday and Tuesday saw me me profit to the tune of just over 3.3 k. However what I would do for a winner at the moment.

The 5.10 Redcar saw me staking 3 bets with a total of £550. The Form Analyst covered Elkhorn(14/1 to 10/1) and Conjecture (12/1 to 13/2). Struggled a bit with the prices with the bets coming in fairly early today as the odds were under pressure. Another problem would be that Ladbrokes will hardly give me £5 on an odds on bet since about Wednesday. This is more the pity since they have just gone BOG. So I now have about 5 bookies that" in total" would give me £25 on an evens bet. Useless!

Probandit covered Titus Gent (9/2) in the above race. It finished down in 5th. They also covered the 4.35 Tipperary. Managed a place with Salgrev (3/1) in 2nd , while Waterside (5/1) finished in 3rd. Probandit is currently on the worst run its had for a while.

Results from Today

  • Form Analyst..........Loss of £39.30
  • Probandit..............Loss of £206.24

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