Thursday, 13 August 2009

JP plagerism

Exact copy of JP's bets today, though to different stakes and slightly different prices. So if you have already read his blog today you will know what is coming.

Great run for the Legends at the moment winning with Prime Exhibit (11/1 to 10/1). Staked £55 by error instead of £50 so the luck is still with me..somewhere! With the reduced number of bets I am doing with the Legends at the moment I had been tempted to put all services on a par at £100 per point. However with all the chopping and changing I have been doing this year I'm going to leave things as they are until the new year.

Equine went for a low odds bet, which as I have said before they tend to do to help break up losing runs. Igoyougo (6/4) won easily at Newcastle.

A much needed profit today..its been a while.

Results from Today

  • Legends...........Profit of £525.00
  • Equine.............Profit of £300.00

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