Monday, 18 May 2009

Well pleased

Thoughts of yesterday's missed profit were quickly forgotten about today as I took in a healthy profit. Top scorer today was again Probandit with a host of horses covered in 3 races. We managed a winner in the 4.10 Southwell , Pepin (12/1), a winner in the 4.40 , Miss Glitters (3/2) and two places in the 5.10 for Wiltshire (13/2) and Bold Diva (7/2). Was very nervy, staking out over a grand on 3 races, but Paul today got the staking and the results correct.

Equine kicked off a good start with a win for Aureate (mostly 5/2) also at Southwell.

MOB whose 16/1 winner yesterday was by-passed by me had some ridiculous bad luck today. I watched the highlights of the 2.20 Newton Abbot on At the Races website. Mic Aubin, matched at 13 on betfair, was 8 lengths clear with one to jump. The horse then did a swerve just before the last, I think un-nerved by a faller at the previous fence, and unseated the rider. Unbelievable! Honestly its worth watching just to see it. Their last bet of the day Mezzanisi has just won at Wolverhampton, but I didn't get matched at the minimum odds...grrr.

Nothing from the Legends with just the one strong bet today.

Results from Today

  • Probandit.................Profit of £701.48
  • Equine...................... Profit of £382.25
  • MOB ...........................Loss of £100.00
  • Tipping Legends.........Loss of £100.00
  • Tipping Legends Golf..Loss of £150.00

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