Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Scary Day

I left the office today with two races left, knowing that if both lost I would have a loss of £1200.00 for the day. It didn't exactly make the drive home comfortable. To lose that much after a successful last two days would have been gutting.

Poor day for MOB. It would appear the "curse of the festival specials" has not left me yet. After the wipe out of the last two Legends festivals, the first day of the York Dante meeting produced no winners for MOB. Two points on this: firstly I placed all MOB bets on betfair today. Why is it when I bet on betfair I never win? If I lay, the horse wins...if I back, I never win. I am an expert on emptying a betfair account! Secondly on a more hopeful note MOB went for quite a few high odds bets just takes a couple of these to strike over the next two days to get the festival back in shape..profit wise.

No luck for either Tipping Legends or Equine at York today either, and the Legends 3 point nap King Ar Aghaidh (5/2) was disappointing at Fontwell.

So all that was left was the Probandit bets with me staring down the barrel of a £1200.00 loss. I needed at least one win to save some face on the day. My luck was in though with two £75 e/w bets both winning in the form of Cnocan Gold (7/2) Naas and then later Pelham Crescent (9/4) at Bath.

So I was lucky today..but thanks to Probandit the day was saved. Lets hope for a better start tomorrow.

Results from Wednesday

  • Probandit...........Profit of £539.07
  • MOB ...................Loss of £450.00
  • Tipping Legends.Loss of £250.00
  • Equine................ Loss of £200.00

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