Sunday, 3 May 2009

If only the weekend had been rained off!

Miserable, dreadful, horrible ...etc..etc. The worst weekends betting since Allroundtipster collapsed on its last weekend of betting in January. Only one winner today and it was part of a failed no points there. Just going to post up the results summary and try and put the weekend behind me. I will decide over the week whether I ditch weekend betting full stop, ( I think I have already decided though!) as it has been the downfall of my year so far.

Results from Today

  • Birdie Golf........Profit of £87.50
  • Tipping Legends.Loss of £450.00
  • MOB.................... Loss of £50.00
  • Equine................ Loss of £200.00


  1. everyone saying the same thing regarding betting on weekends,maybe its time sbc did a review on weekend betting but it sure would take a long time to do.I have halved my stakes on saturdays but im gearing towards not betting on saturdays at the you said if we take the weekend off we would save a lot of money earned during the week,possible all the people backing in this game should meet and get loaded drunk so we cant bet!!!

  2. Hi David,

    The only thing that concerns me is that I can't work out a reason why Saturday to Sunday has been so unprofitable. I'm a firm believer that everything evens itself my worry would be that by skipping the weekend now could prove to be a mistake. I would liken it to leaving a service after a bad run and then discovering they have made a few hundred points after I left. I have to think of things on the long term basis.

    Saying that I have to make a decision myself this week of what to do. Thankfully we enjoyed a splendid run before this weekend and I am still well up...but boy did it still hurt.