Sunday, 10 May 2009

Usual poor end to another poor weekend

Losses all round for Sunday..though today i implemented my first change which was to only cover Tipping Legends strong bets from Saturday to Monday...then do all bets Tuesday to Friday. Doing this to me makes no sense at all i.e not betting just because of the day it is...but the stats are saying that changes have to be made. We will see how it goes and can always alter at a later date.

Of the two strong bets today for the Legends we managed a place for Not For Diamonds (13/2) at Plumpton and nothing from Allonby Bay 11/2 at Uttoxeter. I skipped the other two lower rated bets and both had no return.

MOB also could do with a nice priced winner to get the month up and running. Nothing today from a high priced Elvis Returns(BFSP of 21/1) at Southwell or from Space Cowboy (6/1) at Plumpton.

Probandit managed a place on its safety bet Three Rocks (7/2) but nothing for the main bet Mad About You (7/4).

Posting up the weeks golf losses also tonight. Boo Weekly withdrew on the final day. Not sure what the ruling on that will be with regards to getting my stake back...though I would be 99% sure I won't see it again.

Results from Today

  • MOB .......................Loss of £150.00
  • Probandit................Loss of £165.00
  • Tipping Legends...... Loss of £90.84
  • Tipping Legends Golf Loss of £75.00

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