Saturday, 9 May 2009

Stats starting to add up!

I'm afraid this weekend betting lark is going to have to be cut to some part. Was going to make changes this weekend but for some reason backed out of it...dumb or what? No more backing out from now on...changes are to be made!

On the plus side today two services made a profit. Probandit had a winner with Shaded Edge (mostly 100/30) in the last at Lingfield. They also managed a place with Guest Connections at Thirk (5/1). MOB started the day nicely also with a win for Font (3/1) Haydock and a place for the long shot Caukleys Bank (14/1) Hexham.

Another horrible Saturday for the Legends though, with Hot Diamond (18/1) at Haydock placing for the only return on the day.

Two seconds for Equine also no return either.

Hopefully this will be the last time for a while I will be posting substantial losses on a Saturday!

Results from Today

  • Probandit..........Profit of £139.34
  • MOB.................. Profit of £13.00
  • Equine ..............Loss of £250.00
  • Tipping Legends Loss of £312.50

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