Sunday, 17 May 2009

That will teach me!

Just got in to find an email waiting for me from Marc from MOB! His only bet of the day Fortunate Dave, which I could have taken 16/1 at Sky, won at Market Rasen! This was the big winner I was waiting for this month too!

To make matters worse I just checked the two Tipping Legends results. Both Ponty Rossa (9/2) and Pokanoket (7/2) won their races!

Hands up guys I feel a touch foolish and hope that no one else followed my advice....

Will update the golf tomorrow as Hoffman is still in with an outside chance.

No doubt I won't be sleeping too well tonight!


  1. That's horrible mate, really feel for you - keep smiling though it will all come good in the end!

  2. In the back of my head I keep hearing the word "typical"

    Todays results got me back smiling again though.