Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Not so good

Today I think showed again the need for a good balanced portfolio. Over the last few weeks Tipping Legends have been making profit while my other services maybe had the odd bad day. Today Equine saved the day with the Legends current blip continuing. At least I know now that they can have a bad day even if it isn't the weekend!

It is of course disappointing to lose so many points in the last few days but it is still only the 6th of May. A couple of 20 point days should do the trick! They are well capable of it and I hope they don't change any systems to placate those complaining on forums and go for short priced winners.

Equine's winner came in the big race of the day at Chester with Sohraab winning at bits of 7/2 down to 3/1. Prices didn't plummet quite as quickly today on a much lower odds pick.

MOB avoided non runners today but had no real luck. Angus Newz placing third at Chester and Nawamees not placing at Bath. No doubt they will soon be back on track.

Results from Today

  • Equine.......... Profit of £500.05
  • MOB...............Loss of £100.00
  • Tipping Legends Loss of £550.00

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