Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Monday update

A much needed surprise profit for Monday nearly all down to a superb double for Equine. An early win for the first leg at Wolverhampton Harry Up (4/5), followed up later by the second leg win by Roar of Applause (7/2) (a roar matched in my house) brought in over 10 points on the day.

Also profit for MOB , with Diamond Laura (mostly 3/1) winning at Wolverhampton. Nothing though for Abbodanza (8/1) or for Walton Way (5.71 BF).

Just the one strong bet for Legends on Monday , though Wizards Dust (15/2) never really got started in the 8.00 Towcester.

Results from Monday

  • Equine..............Profit of £1002.48
  • MOB.................. Profit of £45.75
  • Tipping Legends.Loss of £100.00

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