Thursday, 28 May 2009

Disaster averted by the Legends

Last bet of the day again saves the bank from a disaster. Thankfully Baby Strange (8/1) found its way home in 1st by a neck at Newcastle.

Elsewhere it is grim. I'm actually wondering this week if I can be bothered..maybe I'm just down from the result in Rome last night. But I am starting to wonder what the point is taking time everyday to put these bets on.

Probandit has gone into free fall, losing another 4 points plus today. At the same time I'm wondering if MOB will ever get another winner.

It's been woeful, with Equine now the only bright spark this month.

Results from Today

  • Tipping Legends..Profit of £380.00
  • Noseahead...........Loss of £100.00
  • MOB.....................Loss of £100.00
  • Probandit...........Loss of £425.00

1 comment:

  1. chin up rm i was thinking about this a lot of late the time we put in is it paying enough,also guys on the sbc forum asking same we do seem to work these tipsters like clockwork mob has been brutal of late but aint that always the case when he takes on new customers!!!probandit has been on the sbc forum a lot of late and not much positive things being did come good yes thank god.i do about 15 bets a day and so far have been slowly staying ahead,one very bad day could change it all but if can keep going with small profit each week thats fine.i do hope ur services pick up for you and the confidance comes back.