Thursday, 4 June 2009

Thursday update

More daily profit today which is all that matters in the end. Just the one winner though. But it was enough to make profit.

Equine pulled in the winner today with Baizically at Hamilton. As per usual with my restrictions at bookmakers I managed very little at 13/2 and the bulk of the bet was at 5/1. Nevertheless at this stage in the season they are showing the quality they have shown over the last few years.

As I was at the gym tonight I missed the Noseahead bet, which I believe had the horse had a better start, I would have missed out on a big win. In the end I saved myself £100 by missing the bet.

No luck for the Legends today and it was disappointing to see the 2pt bet unseat the rider at the 2nd fence..but that's the way it goes. Much hysteria on the SBC website concerning the "phantom bet" or error by the tipsters today. I had it backed before they amended or canceled the bet..but again that's the way it goes. I am trying to focus on long term profit ( as hard as it is sometimes) and a 1pt error will not , on the scale of things make a lot of difference.

Results from Today

  • Equine.............Profit of £513.13
  • Tipping Legends..Loss of £250.00

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