Friday, 12 June 2009

Snakes and Ladders

Up the ladder yesterday and back down the snake today. Clean sweep of losers for yesterday's best performers Equine and the Legends.

The other three services actually made profit today but it was not nearly enough to counteract the big losses from the two mentioned above.

Laish Ya Hajar won at 7/2 for Probandit, Gonebeyondrecall won for MOB (disappointing SP though of 2.77) . I did a place/win on betfair for Noseahead's big odds ew bet on Stoneacre Lad. This was a stroke of luck as betfair payed out on 4th place, which is where the bet ended up at 6.04 betfairsp.

Not a great start to the weekend even with profit for 3 out of 5 services but I'lll move on with hope even though the golf bets are pretty much buried already.

Results from Today

  • Noseahead.............Profit of £94.90
  • Probandit...............Profit of £60.00
  • MOB......................Profit of £34.27
  • Tipping Legends.......Loss of £300.00
  • Equine...................Loss of £525.00


  1. Hi RM,
    It appears from the email and comments I have received today, that everyone but myself backed Stoneacre Lad on betfair to gain a profit.
    Nice to see a return go your way though even though I account it as a loss...
    Regards Anthony

  2. Very nice blog. You operate in a businesslike fashion...something I will attempt in a few days.Have read all of your posts and it has given me the ups and down sides of racing.


  3. Anthony,

    Yup I guess a load of us got lucky with the Stoneacre Lad bet...but not you!

    Keep plugging away this month...a big winner is just around the corner.


  4. Hello to the Turf Speculator,

    Thank you for your kind words. I hope my blog has given you a good idea of my emotions throughout the good, bad and truly awful days of my wagering this year.

    I will link your blog up on my site tomorrow and keep an eye on how you are getting on.

    Good luck with your experiment.