Monday, 22 June 2009

Saturday, Sunday and Monday update!

Throwing these 3 days together as I have been too lazy to do the updates the last few days. Probably it more likely lack of motivation rather then laziness that has caused the interruption in my updates. However I have spent the evening going over my recent results and things actually aren't as bad as I felt they were. Nearly all the tipsters I am following this month are either in profit or are just slightly the wrong side of break even. The main reason, on review, for my disappointment most likely comes from Equines recent run. The drop of 20 odd points or £2k in the last couple of weeks has not helped my moral. Looking back though on last year I am being short sighted. Last year in July they had an even worse run and recovered well. So patience is something I must keep a hold of!

The last 3 days haven't been vintage profit days but there has been a few close run things. The Legends tip Cannonball (20/1) at Ascot on Saturday came really close to pulling off a big profit win. Anthony at Noseahead has been knocking on the door of some big odds wins...but they are not quite hitting the mark for him at the moment. MOB pulled in a nice 1 win from 1 bet today with Belated Silver (BFSP 4.9).

Results from Saturday, Sunday and Monday

  • MOB...................Profit of £31.13
  • Tipping Legends....Loss of £251.39
  • Equine................Loss of £200.00
  • Noseahead...........Loss of £141.61
  • Probandit............Loss of £469.96
  • TL Golf...............Loss of £125.00

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