Thursday, 11 June 2009

Busy day at work

Just read JP's blog about the equine bet today. As i was lucky enough to be busy as hell in work (Did I just type lucky?) I missed the extra information about the sodden track at Yarmouth. I probably would have laid off the whole bet. The unlucky side of being at work was that I missed the early price and managed 9/2 on Tyfos but still pulled in a sweet profit.

Elsewhere a poor start by the Legends turned into a great evening. Described on the SBC forum as "20 minutes of pure quality" we had winners at the 7.40 Uttoxeter( El Bandindos 15/2) and then in the 8.00 Fontwell (Knock Em Dead 10/1).

MOB came close 10 minutes later at Uttoxeter with Last Pioneer (9.74 betfairsp) on a win/place bet being pipped by the favourite.

Again from reading JP's blog (What a fountain of knowledge it is!) I have noticed I also missed two bets from Noseahead from not reading my text properly. This is the second time in a week or so I have missed a tip from Noseahead. Both times I have been lucky as they were losing bets......but I need to sort myself out as good tipster as he is will soon strike a big odds winner...and I don't want to miss it.

Great day racing I can focus my mind on who is going to replace the best player in the world at Utd!

Results from Today

  • Equine..................Profit of £780.50
  • Tipping Legends......Profit of £396.88
  • MOB.....................Profit of £7.06
  • Probandit.............Loss of £200.00
  • Noseahead............Loss of £50.00

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