Friday, 5 June 2009

Back down to earth with a bump

Another "Special" disaster for the Legends I'm afraid...all bets losing today. Quite a bit of banter on the SBC forum tonight concerning the service. I must say though I would prefer it was left with the "Tips doing the Talking". In the end its a results game..

Elsewhere Equine managed a place from 3 bets, but again came as close as a head to another great day with Look Here coming ever so close.

Tipster and punter confidence is low for MOB with another washout today. 3 more bets failing to produce.

Probandit managed a winner in Mythical Blue (7/4) and a place Pontentiale (6/1) to breakeven for the day.

I did get a bit of luck today (despite a gloomy day) with the Noseahead bets. Firstly I misread a text and backed Red Cape (11/1) with a full point instead of half a won! Then I missed the last bet text which lost and I saved another half point! So not all bad today.

Results from Today

  • Noseahead............Profit of £425.00
  • MOB......................Loss of £150.00
  • Tipping Legends......Loss of £550.00
  • Equine................. Loss of £466.04
  • Probandit............ Loss of £15.00


  1. Hi RM - when you mention the SBC forum - which forum do you mean? Can you let me know th web address? Thanks mate, here's to a profiable weekend

  2. Hi,

    Yeh the SBC forum is part of the Secret Betting Club. There is a link to the Money Maker Review to the left under useful sites.Also at Forum is at but you need to be a member. Email Mike or Dan at

    I would highly recommend joining though if you need to know anything else give me a shout.