Saturday, 13 June 2009

A lucky day

It would appear that, as could have been predicted, since I started doing only strong bets for the Tipping Legends from Saturday to Tuesday the only bets that win are the ones I don't wager on! I bet on the strong bet today and it came 2nd while two of the 1 point bets at 6/1 and 4/1 both won. Typical!!

Second bit of unluckiness came today with MOB's bets. 5 bets today and 1 really good win for Mutawarath. Now I could have got 14 or 15 on betfair but for some reason I let it lie to take SP if it didn't match at the high price order I had placed. I ended up with only 6.39 on betfair , though this did take into account a massive rule 4. So I lost a good few points of profit there.

Now why is my title called "A lucky day"? Well the reason is down to Probandits bet at Bath. Green Goose won (11/2 to 5/1) at Bath. However Paul had suggested you lay for a few point as well as the price should come in. I did this and then noticed at the start of the race the price had drifted slightly on betfair so tried to match the lay off by backing the horse. I messed this up somehow. However the outcome was that I ended up with nearly £350 extra profit because of my error. That's why this was a "Lucky Day"! I will add this extra profit to my Probandit total even though strictly it should go under a "cock up that turned out ok" column!

With the golf bets pretty much over I will do what any good politician would do and put them through tonight hiding them amongst today's profit. I didn't back the golf bet from the Ladies Portugal Open as I couldn't get any money on it with it only available at Sky. I think it has lost anyhow.

Results from Today

  • Probandit...............Profit of £936.47
  • MOB......................Profit of £86.73
  • Tipping Legends.......Loss of £100.00
  • Noseahead..............Loss of £150.00
  • Tipping Legends Golf Loss of £100.00

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