Sunday, 28 June 2009

Back to basics

Wow...I can't believe I managed to lose so much on a Sunday. Usually a quiet day for me but today was busy...and I ended up with nothing more than a huge loss. A loss of £775.00 on a Sunday cannot be acceptable any longer

I have to be pragmatic now. And this means I will be going back to doing only the services I really had planned to do all year from Monday onwards. I will no longer be following the golf( way too long term for me), MOB or Noseahead (both great services but not for me at the moment). The Legends strategy of doing only the strong bets at the weekend is not working for me either. They will be followed only on Wednesday to Friday (except for festivals). The Form Analyst will be added to the portfolio.

It just isn't happening for me this year and while I don't like chopping and changing (no doubt the services I am leaving behind will have their best periods ever) I don't feel it is a sign of weakness in being pragmatic. I need to put an end to this ridiculous up and down cycle I am going through which I believe may be caused by covering too many bets. Only time will tell if I have made the correct decision.

Will edit results if we get a return on the golf.
*Edit* A nice way to end my golf betting with an e/w place for Ryan Moore at 60/1. A great service but too long term for me..but nice to get out with a nice profit still intact. Good luck to anyone following the golf.

Results from Today

  • MOB......................Loss of £100.00
  • Tipping Legends......Loss of £250.00
  • Noseahead.............Loss of £150.00
  • Equine................. Loss of £175.00
  • TL Golf.................Profit of £300.00


  1. sorry to hear how things are going of late rm it trys ur patience but i feel its a good move to join graeme,im seriously thinking next year to drop all but graeme and put all my banks together up the stakes for graeme and leave it to one tipster,maybe a bad move but i truly feel graeme will be the one that counts in the future

  2. David,

    Trying to stay upbeat and there are still 6 mths left this year. Hopefully the changes can pull me out of this dive and onto good things.

    Thanks for your comments.


  3. Be careful of tinkering too much without doing a full analysis. I spent 4 years chopping and changing services until I really found the ones that worked for me. An important factor is knowing who you are dealing with. You need to trust the tipster and beleive that they will keep you honest. I think I am similar to you and prefer regular profits rather than waiting for the occasional bumper days. Good luck. Stay focued and believe you can win. The rest is history.