Saturday, 6 June 2009

First Class Tipping

Had the best day of the year today. Not only did the Legends recover to make a festival profit but MOB also pulled off a spectacular day.

I'll start with MOB first. 4 bets 3 winners and a second by a nose. Winners were Breeze Out (6/1 but Rule 4'rd 55p), Roman Republic (5/1) and Blue Tomato (12.52 BetfairSP). Nearly 20 points of profit to stop the horrible run they had been on dead in its tracks. Really pleased with them today and hope we can get things back on track now.

The Legends were terrific today. Extra pressure was on after yesterdays clean sweep. I have had a plan to do only strong bets from Saturday to Monday and then back everything. Today I had a feeling they were going to go well. Thankfully I was right. We started with a 25/1 winner with River Captain. Also winning was Indian Trail (10/1) and places for Storyland (9/1) and Northern Dare (4.9 Betfair SP). As I said yesterday I'm not interested in how they pick their bets..all that matters to me is that the "Tips do the Talking". Well done to them today also.

A good each way for Equine with Tepmokea (10/1) was placed 2nd behind River Captain. An e/w place Good Buy Dubai (5/1) followed by a win Feeling Foxy (4/1) brought in 3 points profit for Probandit.

An excellent day with a total profit of £ wonder I have a smile tonight! Well done guys keep it up.

Results from Today

  • MOB...................Profit of £912.72
  • Tipping Legends....Profit of £879.19
  • Probandit.............Profit of £310.74
  • Equine.................Profit of £150.00
  • Noseahead............Loss of £50.00


  1. Very good day.


  2. Thanks for that Jason. It has actually been a very good week which makes up for the torrid 2 weeks I had before.

    How are you getting on yourself?