Sunday, 1 February 2009

Close but no cigar!

Couple of places from Tipping Legends today,including a 20/1 shot, so was close to a good start to the month, but not quite! Also below is the monthly Profit and Loss for each system. I am thinking of upping my stakes as I have a substantial bank now, however as soon as I do that sods law usually brings me the dreaded record losing streak. Will have a good think about it though.

Results from today

  • Tipping Legends Horse £25 loss

Profit and Loss for January 2009

  1. Tipping Legends Golf £1777.03 Profit
  2. Probandit £ 165.90 Profit
  3. Tipping Legends Horse £ 6.88 Profit
  4. Allroundtipster £ 421.20 Loss
  • Profit for Month £1528.61

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