Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Empty bet slips

The weather continues to take a hold on the horse racing. Nearly had a probandit qualifier with Ramvaswani in the 13.10 at Southwell but it didn't fufil all the needed criteria. It came in second at 8/1 so an each way bet would have had me in profit for the day. Having a look at bagging another bonus with the 50% 350 euro reload at Gold Victory but will wait to the weekend so I have more options in trying to find a losing bet and lay it off at betfair. It amazes me how difficult it is to pick losing bets when trying to cash out some of these bonuses. However in general they are very good ways to bump up your betting bank with very little effort. My thanks to bet72 for introducing the idea to me.


  1. Hi, just found your blog. Have linked from my blog to here, appreciate a link back if you can.

    Best of luck to you, stay focussed - there will be many ups and downs but as long as you're prepared financially and emotionally you'll do fine. Give me a shout if you ever want to chat about anything.

    All the best

  2. Not a problem JP. Have added your link and appreciate the pep talk. May well take you up on your offer of a chat.



  3. Greetings RM,

    Good luck on your blog. You might want to highlight the losing day with red and keep the green as a winner...just a suggestion.

    All the best