Saturday, 21 February 2009

Football to the rescue

A great recovery from Allroundtipster saved the day. The racing again was pretty woeful but at least not too much (further!) damage done to the bank today.

Probandit had as usual a quiet Saturday. Just the one short odds e/w bet with Whiskey Creek at Lingfield. This horse is a regular winner with Probandit, but today only managed a place at 11/4.

Tipping Legends continued its poor vain of form with 10 points bet today on seven horses. Conflict of Interest came closest. I thought he was going to win ....but alas only a place at 7/1. All the others lost and really didn't come close. I should have guessed a poor day was on the cards when in the second race of the day Silver Sedge unseated its rider at the very first fence.

Allroundtipster nearly pulled off a perfect day with only one team not winning in the final double...and boy did they need a good they have been awful for the last few weeks. So four winning bets out of five brought in a tidy haul for the day. But only to counteract the "donkey" losses.

Results from today

  • Allroundtipster Profit of £339.89
  • Tipping Legends Loss of. £374.00
  • Probandit Loss of.............£7.81

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