Friday, 27 February 2009

Really good day

Great day but it is consistency that we need to move forward. Today was a minor victory in the quest for a second income. Tomorrow will be a massive test too with Allroundtipster giving out a gargantuan number of points nerves are on end!

Tipping legends had a great day with bets placed on five horses in total. A great start to the day with Very Cool coming in nervously at 3/1 for a 2 point win. It was the next race however that made the day. Gala Evening winning the day at a nice 16/1 E/W advised. Twelve well needed points in total.

Probandit also had a good day with returns from all its bets today. Again a great start to the day with Statute Book winning at 8/5 and in the same race Josiah Bartlett(advised as a place) coming in second at 7/2. Next up was Smokey Ryder who added to the good day by winning at 7/2. In the final race of the days betting Step It Up saved a few points by coming in third at 3/1.

Results from today

  • Tipping Legends Profit of £600.00
  • Probandit Profit of ........£202.04

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