Saturday, 14 February 2009

My wife has left me...

But only for the week! ...she's away to the Canary Islands with the mother in law.Probably a good thing she is away because my mood isn't great after a woeful day of gambling. Allroundtipster and Tipping Legends were in action today and I really wished I could have been on a plane today unable to get the bets on. But alas I did place them...

Allroundtipster had three bets today and one winner, which happened to be the lowest stake bet. Another double will be complete tomorrow but I'll update that result in Sundays figures. The first leg of the double won today.

Tipping Legends had a whitewash today. Was hoping the first full day of jumps for a while would get them back on track. No bets below 7/1 today so it was going to be either a great day or a wipe out. Wipe out it was.

Results from today

  • Tipping Legends Loss of £350.00
  • Allroundtipster...Loss of £226.36

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