Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Two out of three

Two services out of the three active posted profits today, which will help balance the books for February a little better.

Allroundtipster notched up a nice non league double bet. Though I think they are struggling to get a run with the selections hampered by either snow or flooding.

Two bets for Tipping Legends today produced one winner. Grand Palace came in at 4/1(advised at 9/ work getting in the way of getting best prices again!) and Young Bertie rolled in last at Lingfield.

Busy day for Probandit....but again no profit. Managed a win with Grand Palace and a place with Marmooq. I feel they are being hampered again with the weather this month. Example today was a late withdrawal of Old Romney at Lingfield. This was part of a dutch and you sort of feel if only half your dutch is in a race the chances of making a profit are badly reduced. Still I'm sure they will pull things round this month..or later in the year.

Results from today

  • Tipping Legends Profit of £150.00
  • Allroundtipster Profit of £156.00
  • Probandit Loss of £ 87.50

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