Saturday, 31 January 2009

Nice end to the month

Kornati wins at Wetherby by a nose, and I win a 2 point bet at 4/1! 16/1 place earlier in the day and I end 4.5 points up on the day. More remarkably it pushes Tipping Legends into a slight profit for the month, though I did miss a few losing bets at the start of the month. Probandit also ends the month with a slight profit though no system bets today. Also a good day for Allroundtipster with two wins. The final match of its banker treble is tomorrow, with two matches already won today.
I'll post monthly profit and loss on each service tomorrow, as there is the above match and a few golf bets still to be decided.

Update: No wins from the golf and the football treble came in. Results are now updated

Results from today

  • Tipping Legends £225 profit
  • Allroundtipster £261.39 profit
  • Tipping legends Golf £125.00 loss

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