Sunday, 12 April 2009

Some luck but no profit

Thought I was heading for a disaster today until Aran Concerto came in to win by a short head at Fairyhouse for the Legends. The two stronger bets of the day Thoroughly Red (1pt E/W) and the 3 point bet Voler La Vedette had previously failed to produce.

Probandit had a dutch style bet in the 4.20 Musselburgh. What was remarkable about this race was that in total Probandit covered 4 horses and MOB racing had 1 horse. 5 horses in race of 11 starters and I managed only 1 in the top three! My weekend luck eh? The place was no good though as all bets were win only.

Though it is early days I think I may have brought my style of luck to MOB. 3 bets today and no points.

Will post up the golf now as well as I can't see any of our bets getting anything in the Masters.

Thank goodness the weekend is over! Saturday and Sunday bets at the moment are nothing but a disaster for me.

Results from today

  • Tipping Legends Profit of £7.70
  • Probandit .........Loss of £125.00
  • MOB...................Loss of £75.00
  • Birdie Golf........Loss of £100.00

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