Thursday, 9 April 2009

Pre day off Profits!

Another good day for the Legends who managed a 50% strike rate today out of 4 bets.

Rash Judgement was the first winner of the day at 6/1 in our bet at Folkstone. I later noted I had missed the reverse forecast bet in the race, with Vhujon. An unusual bet but one probably down to the recent success of Nosehead . You can view his recent huge success on my sites of interest. Congrats again to him. Anyhow I was lucky today as the forecast didn't win. Mental note now to read my text and emails more closely and also to stop people annoying me with work issues in work, when I am trying to get my bets on!

Second success of the day was Fier Normand at 5/1. This 1pt e/w bet won by half a length to boost my profits for the day in the 4.00 Ludlow.

Things are looking good for April so far which is more remarkable as it usually a poor month for me. Still a long way to go but confidence is up!

Results from today

  • Tipping Legends Profit of £500.00


  1. Nice day of profit. Hope it's the start of a great winning run.

  2. Thanks for that and I hope so too. Have a day off tomorrow so will get a chance to update sites of interest, which your site is! Have being keeping a regular eye on it. Hope you appreciate the green for profit and red for loss..I think it was you who suggested it. Hopefully I won't need to use the red too much!